The Boys
Bounding Maines

The Winter King
CoonPlay P
Song of Ice & Fire

A Van (or Harlequin) he is a 7 toed, 2WD little purrbody.
Sweet to a fault, he wants to be held and carried ALL the time.
We Thank Very Much Laura Tipton of CoonPlay
for this unique and charming boy.
Tinker, we call  him Tinker.
Short for STINKER!
which is what he is.
His is an endearing sweetness and he pass' it to his children.  With several litters
on the ground already we note that all of them have his tender heart and goofy

Still such a hopeless Mamma's boy, he leaps into my arms  at every opportunity to
purr loudly and drool.  You want one of his children  you'd better be good at
catching cannonballs. (and spit - you must like cat spit, the day is not complete
with out some drool...).
Bounding Maines
This boy would easily carry a Champion Title but
as a Poly he could not be shown in the USA.  As
of May 1, 2015 he can be shown in TICA but, at 3
years old is to set in his ways for the show hall.
Gallery 1
Gallery 2
Winter is still a very young man. Only 5 months old in these pictures.
But he weighs 10+ pounds....we expect he'll be a nice Big boy some day.
We are already planning his breedings....still 6 months or more away.